Why Edgeless

Aligning Incentives for Users, Developers and the Ecosystem


The Edgeless universe revolves around its users. Unlike many other ecosystems in web3, where users face increasing taxes as they engage with applications, we challenge this norm. We believe in a system where users can freely transact across the blockchain without having to pay any application fees.


We hold the belief that removing fees enables users to transact at higher volumes. With the way Edgeless is designed, as more users interact with the ecosystem, there are more sequencer fees and yield that is generated which goes directly to app developers. When users win, developers win.


By bringing together the best developers and creating a seamlessly integrated ecosystem, Edgeless hopes to be the top choice for both developers and users to interact with decentralized applications. As Edgeless attracts more users and TVL, the revenue that is generated for the Edgeless DAO will continue to grow.

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