Native Yield Bearing Assets

Native Yield Bearing Stable Coin Powered by WithStable

Edgeless is the first network to partner with Stable, a stablecoin issuer backed by Polychain and Dragonfly. Stable issues USDLR, a fiat-backed stablecoin backed 1:1 with US dollars and Treasury bills. USDLR reserves are held by BitGo, a US-based qualified custodian with $64 billion worth of assets under custody and Zerocap, an Australian investment manager that holds Treasury bills on GSIBs. Stable publishes third-party attestations through NAV Consulting every week.

Our implementation of USDLR allows the Edgeless network to generate yield on stablecoins and redistribute it to application developers.

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Yield Bearing ETH

When users bridge ETH to Edgeless, the ETH is converted to stETH by Lido to generate yield. On the Edgeless network, users receive ETH and the yield that is generated on Ethereum's mainnet is accumulated and then distributed to dApp developers.

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