Bridging via Contracts

  1. Mint EwEth by calling depositEth(address recipient) on the Edgeless Deposit Contract

  2. approve() EwEth to the Inbox Contract

  3. Call the depositERC20() function on the Inbox Contract

Withdrawing From Edgeless

  1. Withdraw from Edgeless using any of the mainnet bridges, or call withdrawEth(address destination) on the Edgeless Withdrawal Contract

  2. Wait 7 days for the transfer to finalize

  3. Finalize the withdrawal using https://app.bridge.edgeless.network/. Account -> Withdrawals

Unwrapping EwEth to Eth

  1. Call withdrawEth(address to, uint256 amount) from the address that holds EwETH on the Edgeless Deposit Contract. This burns the EwEth in your address.

  2. You should receive an equivalent amount of ETH as EwEth burned

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